Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What's Next, Reporting Your Maid In The Middle Of Her Dusting The Living Room Tsochkes?

Do we really need the average moron getting in on border security?

When a reporter can sneak over the border in under six minutes undetected, I'd say border security has enough trouble doing their job with trained agents; there's really no need to include the less-than-competent masses.

Besides, I thought we already determined that
Homeland Security was a "reality" destined for cancellation.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would agree. And I think it's odd that they would post camera views and ask people to report suspicious activity. lol.

Seems alittle 'flintstones' to me. But then our gov't is a bit backwards.

And I'm still pissed about those border patrol guys are going to get prosecuted for shooting that illegal. OMG. Don't get me started.