Friday, December 19, 2008

Eddie's Adoring/Bored Girlfriend Friday

Eddie took this picture of me with his camera phone. I was either very bored or very entranced by what he was saying. Since I don't remember this day, I guess I'll have to go with whichever one he thinks it is.


Anonymous said...

I vote for very bored, LOL

Anonymous said...

I was going to go with "solving the mysteries of the universe"

Anonymous said... so i am entranced by this photo. i think that must have been looking directly into my eyes when this photo was taken,,, and you were... mystified if you will... and you will. PS i wish that you would call me sometime.. i just live in Newfoundland and think it wouldn
t be that much of a difficulty for you to give me the time of day.. ps i gave you my phone number on one of those posts from 2006. you should read them sometime.. i really feel like i poured out my heart to you.. i hope you know..... i care.. deeply.. you.. .me.. pps the pooffffy haired guy is like not ten times as hot as me. i am beautiful.. like you know that song from little rascals .. uuu arrrr sooo beautifull... tooo meee. thats how i feel about you,.. and me.. jk. but for real. anyways ive gotta get back to the five-a-live plant that i work at. you remember that i work there right?? of course you do. right? k good.