Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stupidity Threat Level: Orange*

Ed and I laughed out loud simultaneously when we were watching TV and saw the promo for a new show.

It's called Homeland Security USA.

Oh my God. You've got to be kidding me. Are these people serious?? This is this the best they can do? Isn't it enough that the Department of Homeland Security itself is a running joke?

Boy, won't all the sheeple be happy; they'll have another piece of crap to watch.

* For those of you not familiar with the Garanimals system that Homeland Security uses to identify their threat levels, Orange is "high". Be afraid....very afraid. Especially of this TV show.


Gil said...

You are right about television! Except for some news I have the weather channel or a music channel on most of the time when there is no car racing to watch.

Dreamybee said...

What are they going to do, show video of people getting their 5-oz. bottles of shampoo confiscated? Perhaps a suspenseful episode in which somebody has to make the harsh decision between chucking her brand new 12-oz. bottle of lotion or putting it back in her bag, a decision which would require returning to the ticket counter to check her bag which she had originally planned on carrying on? Hey! I might be on TV!

Paul Daniel Ash said...

"the officers and agents chronicled in the series are responsible for everything from vetting adoption papers and checking visitors' passports to intercepting undocumented immigrants"

Sounds gripping. Up next: Postal Service USA. "Are there any hazardous chemicals, biological waste, or nuclear materials in the dollar-size envelope you are about to mail, sir?"

For what it's worth, I always saw the DHS color-coded alerts as a sort of homage to Sesame Street: we start at Kermit, go up through Grover and Bert to Ernie... I just pray we never get to Threat Level Elmo.

Anonymous said...

Baaa! Baaaa! Wait, I'm not a sheeple if I agree to never watch this, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

good gravy,seriously do they need another stupid cop show? Lord.
And homeland security? that's laughable. I scoff at that! Scoff! lol.

Love the garanimals thing!