Monday, December 19, 2005

Wow. What Beautiful Gums You Have.

I love to brush my teeth.

I’m might actually be just a tad overboard on the whole thing. I brush in the morning when I wake, after I eat, throughout the day whenever I need to feel tingly teeth and before I go to bed. Since I’m on the road, I always carry my toothbrush with me. Hell, even when I wasn't on the road, I carried it. This way, even if I have coffee or something that just makes my mouth feel icky, I can brush.

Well, last night, Ed and I were having a conversation about him going into a casino in Reno and having a piece of lettuce in his teeth.

I said, “Did anyone say anything to you??”

He said, “Yeah, the blackjack dealer sort of pointed to his teeth, making the motion that I had something in there.”

I said, in a sympathetic tone, “Well, that happens.”

“Does it ever happen to you?” he said.

“Me? Oh no. Never. I’m very conscious of my teeth.”

“Yeah, I know." he sniffs, "You don’t have any gums left, but you’re very conscious of your teeth.”

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Anonymous said...

What a jerk!