Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Cactus King

Here is Ed, cruising around the desert with my two nephews (seen in the background on their dirt bikes) on the race track that my brother made on the side of his house. My brother was out there watering the track to "keep the dust down" while the two boys and Ed raced each other over the jumps and around the berms.

The kids were thrilled to be chasing Ed through the desert and Ed thought he was cool because they were chasing him. When he got off the quad, Ed and my brother decided to take the kid's mini-bikes for a ride. Try to envision two, two hundred pound guys on mini-bikes made for a five year old. The two of them were standing up on the pegs, cruising around the track on these little bikes, looking like they should have been in a circus.

All was fine until Ed took off like a bat out of hell, leaving my brother in the dust thinking, he's going to bite it. And bite it he did. Ed fell off the mini-bike, heading knee first into the dirt and cactus. I guess he was sprawled out there for a minute or two, trying to shut the bike off. He claims he was "pinned" under the bike. I was like, "You were pinned under a 30 pound bike???" He laughed.

Later, as I was picking the cactus out of his leg, he told me that since he hadn't ridden in a few years, he thought it would be fun to just jump right back into it. I said, "You thought it would be a good idea to 'jump back in' by racing my brother through the desert on a track that he made and that he rides on every three days?"

The Cactus King replied, "Well, if I had another sixteen wheels, I would have smoked his ass!"


Becky G said...

Maybe he should get a pocket rocket--miniature motorcycles made for adults. Guys do look funny riding them.

lime said...

lol, ain't delusion a grand thing?

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