Friday, December 06, 2013

My Boy And I Love Us Some Cheese

Ed discovered a place in the Milford Travel Plaza on I-95 in Connecticut, that serves grilled cheese sandwiches to go.  Cheeseboy, a new franchise currently found in only five northeastern states, has several types of sandwiches available, in addition to the regular 'ol grilled cheese sandwich we knew and loved as children.

We tried the Roast Chief - Italian bread, provolone cheese, premium roast beef, sliced tomato, red onions & creamy horseradish sauce - with a small side of creamy tomato soup.  I thought it was pretty tasty.  And packed individually in heavy duty cardboard boxes, even when Ed got back to the truck with it, the sandwich was still hot and the bread evenly crisped.

I was told by Ed - since he watched the girl make the sandwiches - that the use of an industrial panini press equipped with flat grills, and a double pressing, was the reason they came out so perfectly.

I need one of those things for the truck.

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Luisa said...


A George Foreman grill does a better job than any higher name brand machine, the expensive ones kind of suck!
Hope this helps!

Gil said...

All they needed to ad when the rest areas were redone up here was a coffee bar with booze and it would be just like the Auto Grilles in Italy!