Friday, July 22, 2016

Food For The Spirit Inside Of You

Last month I did a post about my RBar purchase and how much I was in love with this delicious little healthy treat I found.

When I was done writing it, I tweeted about it, tagging RBar.  Shortly after that, I was contacted by them and asked if I would be interested in taking RBar on the road and posting pictures on social media in all the places I traveled with (and ate) these colorful packets of goodness.  

Of course I was interested!  I love to share things I love.  

I had already bought two boxes off the shelves in my local Sprouts, but they didn't carry all the flavors, so I wasn't able to speak to the Peanut Butter & Jelly RBar (which really tastes like PBJ!), or the Lemon Poppyseed RBar, or the Cranberry Cashew RBar.

Then RBar generously sent me several boxes of the Variety Pack.  I had access to them all!!  And let me tell you - they are delish!

Look, energy bars are usually for fit people.  Hikers, cyclists, girls in yoga pants. People who are doing strenuous activities that they need energy for.  Not fatties like me. But really, when I picked up the cute little package, I didn't know it was an energy bar.  I just thought that because it was at the Sprouts Farmers Market, it was a healthy kind of "candy bar".  I have been trying to do better with snacks - although more often than not, I fail miserably - and I have to tell you, these things are like decadent treats. I feel really satisfied after having one.  They totally hit the sweet spot.

I've seen many healthy cookies and brownie bar recipes made with dates as the base, but prior to my first RBar purchase, I hadn't tried any.  In fact, I was a little wary of dates, thinking I wouldn't like them because they're very prune-like to me, and the eating of prunes....well, they don't conjure up the best visual for me.

But I like Fig Newtons, and to me, figs were the closest to the flavor and consistency of dates.  And I wound up liking them.  The RBar is also the perfect size, providing just the right amount of date.  Any larger and the sweetness would be overwhelming.

RBar is a Tucson-based startup - which explains why initially, I couldn't find these bars in other states - and they are growing.  I'm thrilled to be able to support a company whose product I truly enjoy.

RBar is looking to expand.  They're looking to branch out.  Maybe you can persuade your local grocer or outdoor store or health food joint to start selling them.  Hell, we might even be able to get them in truck stops if people start asking for them!  But first, you need to try them.

Click HERE to browse the RBar site and find a flavor you like.  I recommend the variety pack for sampling them all.  

And as it says on the RBar site:  "We make RBars for people who aren't satisfied with following the crowd. The people who pursue the freedom of the outdoors, the wide open spaces of experience, and the adventure of travel. At RBar, we believe everyone has that spirit inside of them."

Feed the spirit inside of you.

** This is a sponsored blog post.  While the views expressed here were genuinely mine, consideration was paid to me by Rbar Energy to review this product. **

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Mick said...

They do look yummy, we obviously don't have them here, but hopefully they will have them at an airport when we fly to the US next year.