Saturday, July 30, 2016

No Middle Ground

Yesterday I was complaining to my friend that I didn't have anything to wear for an upcoming event.  It's going to be a casual affair, and I've never really been great at casual. I don't like jeans, I wouldn't dream of going out in public in sweatpants, and leaving the house without makeup is unicorn-rare.

It was worse when I first moved to Tucson. Coming from New York, my idea of not dressing up was Tucson's version of black tie.  Over the years I've actually embraced a version of casual I can live with.  And I think as I've gotten fatter and older, I've slipped even further into the black hole of Tucson's flip-flop nation.  If people can show up for job interviews in shorts or sundresses - I kid you not - I can probably lower my standards.

This friend always gives me grief when we go out to dinner - she shows up in a sweatshirt with no bra, and I'm wearing patent leather ballet flats and a something with rhinestones. Needless to say, she was no help in guiding me on what to wear.

She said, "You're either dressed to the hilt or in pajamas.  There's no in-between."

As evidence, I present the photo above - three-and-a-half years old on the left, five years old on the right.  Pajamas, and the hilt.

In fact, I'm sitting in my pajamas as I type this.  Clearly, nothing has changed in over forty years.

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