Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Dining On The Local Devil's Food

 Today Ed and I had lunch at Diablo Burger.

The restaurant's name comes from Canyon Diablo, located between Flagstaff and Winslow, in Arizona.  Canyon Diablo divides the 426,000 acre land area where two ranches, the Flying M and the Bar T Bar are located.  These two ranches supply 100% of the beef used for Diablo's burgers.  

The restaurant is located on Congress Street in downtown Tucson, across the street from the famous Hotel Congress.  
Each burger is made from six ounces of 100% local, open range-raised, antibiotic free and growth-hormone free beef from the two Diablo Trust ranches.  Wow, that's a mouthful.  I just want a burger.

The burgers are char-broiled and served on a signature handmade, preservative-free, branded MJ's English Muffin, with seasonal greens, tomato, pickle, and DB fries - Belgian-style frites seasoned with Herbes de Provence.  All that fancy language comes straight from their menu.

Look at the cool branded English muffins!  

Ed had the SeƱor Smoke - Ancho Grilled Onions, Grilled Avocado, Bacon, Cilantro & Sriracha Mayo ($14.75).
I had the Wrigley Field - Bacon, Swiss, Grilled Onions & Rising Hy Spicy Honey-Mustard ($14.75)
The burgers were delicious.  And the Herbes de Provence seasoned fries were good too, although waaaaay too salty for me.  My friends Marlaina and MacG ate here when they were in town and she said she didn't remember the fries being salty.  Maybe the chef today just had a heavy hand.  I won't hold it against them.

They served water for the table in this cool stopper-topped clear bottle, Ed's iced tea in the brown bottle with a small cruet of Simple Syrup for sweetness, and my Diet Coke in an 8 oz. glass bottle.  I liked the presentation. 

The have an extensive burger menu and it's definitely a place I'd try again.  I never venture downtown because the parking situation is dreadful, but I'd be willing to drive around the block a few times or walk from a parking garage for another visit.  

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