Monday, August 28, 2017

My Brain Loves Order

I'm a list maker.

To Do lists, shopping lists, work-related task lists, gift lists, lists about subjects I want to blog about, lists about places I want to visit, lists about inventions I'm sure will make me millions, lists of people I need to call or email, lists about websites I need to check out, lists about new lists I should be making.

I even type them, using my handwriting font.  What can I say?  I'm very organized.  And super-nerdy, apparently.

I've always been a list maker but now that I'm getting older, I find I need them.  As soon as I remember I need to do something, I write it down.  If I run out of something, I put it on the list.  If I have to make a phone call or set an appointment, I write it down.  If I have to tell Ed to do something. I write it down.  It's just easier that way because I can forget in a split second.  Seriously, I can go blank seconds after I say, "I gotta remember to buy..."

If you're interested in the benefits of list-making, there are tons of articles online you can look into.

Here's one to get you started..

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