Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Little River On A Big Lake In The Middle Of A Floating Stage

When we have down time, I always like to go out and explore. It's my way of "getting out of the house" for a few hours. I finally talked Ed into going for a drive. We ventured out after lunch for a drive around Lake Chautauqua, looking at the cute lakeside cottages, checking out the small towns lining the shores and envying the people in boats cruising the waters (well, Ed was envying them, I was just looking). About ten miles from where we had parked for the weekend, we stumbled across the small town of Bemus Point, New York.
Once we got there, we noticed quite a few people heading down toward the waterfront, so we parked and went to investigate. We perused some of the shops, had some ice cream and then noticed a stage area with roped off seats and another area where people were setting up their own chairs on the grass. We approaced a guy who was sitting by the entrance and asked him what was going on. He told us about the Bemus Bay Pop Series and that tonight, the Little River Band was playing at 7:30 and if we were around, we should come back. So we did.

The floating stage was set up when we got there, with the preferred seating right in front of it. But the seats there were $50 each. The ones we had, which were right behind the fence and with a good enough view, were free. The guy we talked to earlier saw us sitting behind him on the grass and offered us two of his lawn chairs. We greatfully took them and sat through the entire concert, enjoying the cool weather and the music.

If you think you don't know any Little River Band songs, take a listen to Reminiscing, Lonesone Loser and Lady. Now do you know who they are??

After the concert, we returned the chairs and went for a bite to eat at a place called The Surf Club and listened to a live country band while we dined. We ended the night walking hand in hand (gag, but true!) back to the truck and then made our way back to our secret little parking spot among the trees.

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Gil said...

I think that I might have been young when those songs were popular! Glad to hear you found something interesting.

Don Olney said...

You missed Cheryl doing a show at the Chautauqua Institute a couple of weeks ago!

Anonymous said...

I just left the washington rally heading back north, will have to look this area up, sounds interesting,Glenn Beck was awesome,I would advise everyone who has the opportunity to hear him, to do so,, the man is pure genius.Glen Beck for president and the almighty Rush as co-pres..

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Glenn Beck....Hahaha.... Hahahahahahahaha.......Glenn Beck.......Hahahaha.... Thanks for that, I will be sure to vote for that GUY!!! ROFLMAO!!!! I wish I could have been at that rally to get pics of all the gun toting racists. At least I would know which crazies to watch out for out in the world. Since when did this turn into a political blog anyway? I thought this post was about a peaceful place in New York where there was a band playing and there was no talk of politics.

Anonymous said...

yes, beck can be annoying and a bit of a drama queen, but i;m finding myself more and more disappointed and frustrated with obama..i'm leaning more towards the conservatives this nov..we just can't keep increasing the size and influence of this overgrown govt..i'm so terribly frustrated..things must change..

Anonymous said...

People who follow Beck and scare the heck out of me!

Ms. Crawford said...

I am SO JEALOUS! This is freaking awesome! I don't know how you guys do this... I drive by the Barnes and Noble in amazement that you guys fit into most of those. Let alone this... This is too cool. Moments like these make this job soo wonderful. Great pics too.