Monday, August 28, 2006

If You're Going To Rescue Me, Bring Sandwiches

Eddie and I recently went to see World Trade Center, the movie. Very disappointing, unless you're interested in two hours of Nicolas Cage and his co-star talking to each other, in the dark, covered in dust and rubble. My advice is not to waste your money. Do NOT pay to see this movie! Have a date take you, sneak into the theatre or download it illegally from the internet. Or, better yet, just mail me your eight dollars and I'll mail you back a picture of rubble.

Among the many scenes we found to be ridiculous, this one stood out:

A lone Marine decided he is going to help the people trapped in the buildings. On his own accord, without direction, a commanding officer or even another troop he starts walking among the rubble, calling out "United States Marine! If you hear me, tap or call out!"

Over an over, as he walked the piles of rubble, he called out, "United States Marine! If you hear me, tap or call out!"

Our question was this: Do you really think it mattered that he was a United States Marine?

I wouldn't care if the guy was yelling, "This is Nick! From the corner deli! If you hear me, tap or call out!"

I don't really think I would have waited to hear the voice of a United States Marine before answering; I think I'd be yelling back, "Nick! Down here! I hope you brought sandwiches!!"


Twisted Cinderella said...

That does sound funny. I think if you are trapped, you really could care less who is yelling out to you. You would yell back to anybody who is willing to help you out.

Anonymous said...

It ranked high on my corny meter and I am a former Marine. This movie was a poor memorial and left you feeling sorry for the actors instead of the actual heroes of 9/11.