Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Good Atmosphere Doesn't Always Equal Good Food

Tonight we had dinner at The Keg Steakhouse + Bar.  Ed has always wanted to try it and tonight had something to celebrate, so we gave it a go.  We're always up for a good steak and on this visit, my mother (another steak lover) joined us.  The menu had a lot of great choices and based on the nice atmosphere, I was looking forward to being wowed.

We each started with a wedge salad and the picked out our steaks.  Ed had the bacon-wrapped Filet Mignon, my mother had the Top Sirloin, and I had the New York.  At the last minute, I added a lobster tail to mine - the lady one table over had one and when the smell wafted past our table, I was sold.  Twice baked potatoes as our side rounded out our dishes.

The wedge salads were delicious - cold, crisp, and with an insanely flavorful blue cheese dressing.  And real bacon crumbles!  Unfortunately, the rest of the meal didn't live up to my expectations.  The steaks were pretty tasty.  Done exactly as requested, with a lot of flavor.  But I have to say, I've had just as good or better at Texas Roadhouse.  And the twice-baked potato wasn't fluffy and fresh, as I expected.  It had a very uniform, pre-made appearance and tasted as if they'd been sitting around for too long.  I know an old potato when I taste one. I've made better at home.

The lobster tail was terribly overcooked and shriveled to less than half the size of the shell it came out of.  The way it was draped over the empty tail made it look even smaller.  The first bite, although dipped in butter and tasting like lobster, was rubbery because it was prepared wrong.  I decided not to complain because a) we had already said something about the bread being stale, b) the waitress was super-amazing, and c) I didn't really want to wait for another tail to be cooked.  I just ate it.

The only thing that made this place an enjoyable dining experience - and the only reason we'd go back - was the atmosphere.  If I had the choice to eat steak among screaming children, chaotic conversation, and peanut shells on the floor OR at a nice, quiet, upscale place with modern decor and beautiful lighting, I'd choose the latter.  And, it's two minutes from where we live.

Maybe I've been a little spoiled growing up in a family owned steakhouse.  Nothing will ever compare to the surf and turf of my youth.

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