Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Ladies Night

The year was 1986.  My hair was big.  My skirt was mini.  My outfit, as always, was black. 

It was my 19th birthday and my cousin Ro, a city girl through-and-through took me out to celebrate at The Palladium in New York City.

I look at this photo now and think I didn't look remotely "dressed up" for going out, but I remember that shirt well.  It was silk, a shell as it was called, typically worn under suit jackets.  It was very popular at the time.  I was wearing it with my favorite short black skirt and heels.  My hair was permed, teased to be bigger than normal.  I towered over my petite cousin, as was the norm for me when compared to the other women in my family.  I was 5'8", all the other women were 5'4" or shorter.

The Palladium was a legendary nightclub.  One of the biggest in New York City.  The dance floor was huge and packed.  I remember the stairs as I entered the club - big black and white polka dots, all lit up.  It was such a memorable night.  I was born in the Bronx and lived in the country most of my life, so this was a real experience for me.  
I remember feeling so cool to be out in NYC, at a famous club, dancing among real city dwellers.  

You couldn't pay me to go to a club in NYC today, but I'm glad to have had the opportunity.  Those were certainly the days. 

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