Monday, October 24, 2016

When Your Plane Lands, You're Home

Today my mother and I went to visit one of her friends who lives in La Cholla Air Park.  It's been around for over 40 years but I've never had a reason (or the opportunity) to visit.

It's a private airpark in Oro Valley, Arizona.  The people here live on lots that are a minimum of 7 acres each, most of them own a private plane, and many have taxiways that lead right to their house from the 4,500-foot air strip in the center of the community.  All that with a view of the open desert and the Tortolita Mountains.

My mother's friend is selling her house.  What's funny is that a while back I sent a listing from this area to Ed because he's interested in the whole glider/plane ownership thing, and it turned out to be the exact house my mother's friend lives in!  The hanger, if not used for a plane, is adequately sized for a big rig. Or two.

There are signs on all the roads in the communities warning that aircraft have the right of way.  I can't imagine coming home and being met by a plane coming in my direction.

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