Monday, October 17, 2016

Smoky Slices Of Butt

So on Friday, Ed spent more than 12 hours smoking a Boston Butt.  He approached it with military precision.  He awoke at 4:45 am, filled the smoker with pecan pellets, let it heat up for about 30 minutes, and had the butt in place by 5:30 am.

Then he spent the rest of the day doing yard work, changing the oil on the truck, organizing his side boxes, and generally keeping busy while the pork cooked.  He watched the temperature and basted the butt hourly, as was suggested by what he's read.

When he took it out of the smoker at 6 pm, we were all starving, but we had to wait another 30 minutes while it rested.  Argghhh.  It was the longest I've EVER waited for food.  I don't even like to wait on line in a restaurant.  I'll walk out if the wait is more than 20 minutes, but here we were approaching hour thirteen.

Once we unwrapped the butt and got it ready to slice, I started to calm down a little.  The outside was both gooey and crispy.  I sliced a tiny piece off and had my first bite.  A little salty - most likely from the rub - but still pretty good.  Then I just started maniacally slicing, peeps were hungry.

The pork wasn't falling apart like I thought it would be, as I was imaging a pile of pulled pork like I've ordered at restaurants, but it was tender and moist.  I served it with mashed potatoes, roasted carrots, and small dinner rolls in case anyone wanted to make a slider-sized sandwich.

We've had pork for days.  So.  Much.  Pork.  Last night I made some leftovers for Ed, sautéed it with butter, white wine, and a little barbecue sauce.  Served it over rice with mixed veggies.  He loved it.

The rest is in the freezer.

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