Friday, October 28, 2016

Skinny Jack's Estate

My brother tipped Ed and I off to an estate sale that was chock full of tools, shop stuff, equipment, and more.  It was probably the best garage sale I'd ever been to in my life, even though most of the items were not the type I'm interested in.

The owner, Skinny Jack, had recently passed away.  He was in his late seventies.  We were told by friends of the family that what we were looking at was only about 10-15% of what was left.  They had started selling stuff in early May.  One of the coordinators told us that he'd inventoried and photographed thousands of items.  
They had drill presses, air compressors, grinders, jacks, creepers, hundreds of drill bits, rasps, nuts and bolts, hand sanders (there were at least 15 of those left that I saw, I even bought one), tool boxes, tool belts, tool bags, electrical tape, nails, stencils, wrenches, staplers, and more.  He also had some really great signs, the kind collectors look for.  My brother bought 65 of them!

Skinny Jack sounded like a guy worth knowing.  He must have had some great stories.  He certainly had a treasure trove of memories.  The people in his life must have cared for him a great deal to take on such a daunting task.  The money collected from the estate sale was being given to four different charities.  We would have bought stuff anyway, but it's cool to know the money is going to help others.

Much like I imagined Skinny Jack must have done.

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