Monday, October 28, 2013

What A Caricature!

Through my blog I made a female friend in the UK who was leaving her job at ITV (the network that produces Downton Abbey!) to start a career as a truck driver.  We started corresponding about Downton and truck driving and I've been keeping up with the steps she's taking to get her C & E.

She's been incredible to me - sent me two beautiful hard cover coffee table books on Downton Abbey - and has also been sending me the travel section of The Guardian where
my articles appear.

Here's the latest one I received - my piece is on the right side of the page.
What's super awesome about the print version - and which doesn't appear in the online version - is that I've been immortalized in a caricature!  They've got the short hair right, my hoop earrings, even my eyebrows.  I think it looks like me (well, slightly thinner) and you know what?  I'm kinda cute. 
She has sent me every article so far and her last package even had a few extras.  I just love that I have the print version to keep for the future and I love that this job - both the trucking part and the writing part - has afforded me the opportunity to meet people as wonderful as this.
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Mick said...

Oh goody, we missed this one as we were on vacation in France. I've been reading The Guardian since 1978 and this is one of the reasons why-I never would have found your blog otherwise! Wow, what has made your friend leave TV for trucking? And will she be trucking in the UK or the US?

Belledog said...

That is beyond cool.

And good luck to the Brit trucker in training. Rooting for her.

Marlaina said...

I really like the treatment they gave your spread. I love the caricature.
There's still something great about a newspaper page layout over the digital version.

The Daily Rant said...

MICK: How long were you in France? Where did you go? Did you have a good time? Fill me in! :) As for my friend - she's always wanted to drive a truck (she has a Harley too!) and I guess ITV had a division where she was able to fill in for some of the regular drivers to get some experience. Now she's going for the C&E so she can drive the big trucks. She lives in Manchester and will be driving there. I'm pretty excited for her and she seems to be too.

BELLEDOG: I know! Thanks for rooting for the girl truckers too!

MARLAINA: I like it too. Each piece is like this, with the drawing of me and then whatever photos they choose to accompany the text. And yeah, having the paper version to hold in my hand is really great. And you see the Wegmans?!

Maria said...

So cool,Salena!