Sunday, October 27, 2013

Some Mothers Find Time To REALLY Play With Their Kids

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The Beautiful Death:  If I can pull this off, I'm totally doing it for Halloween.

This is why I'm a big advocate of makeup.  Even just a little helps.

Just in case you need help deciding whether you really need whatever it is you were planning on buying

This should be common sense, but it's not.  I haven't died yet, but to think all these years I've been rinsing chicken in the sink.  I must have anti-bacterial blood running through my veins.

"I'm blind, in space, holding a drill.  Houston, I have a problem."  I'd say.

I'm not sure I've ever heard of any mother who has this much time on her hands.  This lady puts all mothers to shame. 

This is exactly why so many Christians are labeled as hateful, racist and discriminatory.  Because they do shit like this.  These people didn't have to tip if they didn't want to - their choice - but writing a hateful note to this 20-year-old kid on the back of their check, just makes them COLOSSAL assholes. 
I think I'm going to have to consider train travel for one of our future vacations.  It's got to be a million times better than being crammed into a coach seat on an airplane.   

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