Tuesday, October 29, 2013

They Never Talk About These In The Brochure

When people talk about Tucson, Arizona, you tend to hear things like:

"The weather is great."

"It's always sunny."

"Great hiking."

"Friendly people."

"Good basketball team."

What they don't tell you about are these disgusting little fuckers.  Easily one of the most disturbing creatures I've ever seen.
They are worse than the all the javelina.

Worse than the bobcat.

Worse even than scorpions.  OK, scorpions and tarantulas are really tied in their horror factor.

Worse than the rattlesnakes (we've had several in our yard).

This guy was walking around like he knew Halloween was coming.

Ed picked him up (no, not with his hands!) and flung him into the neighbor's yard.

Trick or treat.

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