Saturday, October 26, 2013

Oh, How We Love Our La-Z-Boys

Usually we sit in matching La-Z-Boys, but we did a little rearranging.  That doesn't bother Ed any, as long as he has a chair.  He usually takes the one by the window because I'm up and down when we're home - doing laundry, making coffee, getting snacks. 

I'm sitting at the desk, where I can spread everything out.  I don't like to compute on my lap. 

We just got home today and other than laundry, really had nothing to do. 

But we have plans.  Since we'll be around home for a while, Ed wants to do the sightseeing thing. 

First on our list?  The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Ed has no idea what I have up my little tour guide sleeve.

For you folks?  Expect pictures.

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