Monday, October 26, 2009

I Need A Thing That Ain't No Big Thing

I need a "thing". What I mean by that is that although I like and do many things, I don't have any one thing.

For instance, there are people who collect, who craft, who draw, who drink, who follow musicians around the country, who game, who have a thing. I keep telling Ed that I wish I or even we had something that we could do in every place we go.

The traveling part of the job is great, but if we were say wine enthusiasts, everywhere we went we could check out the local vineyards and wineries. OK, wine may not be the best example for a truck driver, especially since we're always on duty while in the truck. And since we don't drink it doesn't even really make sense, but I need something. Like antique collecting. Or a search; maybe for a rare piece of
milkglass or unique pieces of costume jewelry.

The problem with collecting is, we don't really have room for anything. As it is, I've already toted around a box of stained glass that my step-father asked us to deliver from Arizona to New York. Then we had a duffel bag full of coconuts from Key West that spent
two weeks in the truck with us as I passed them out to family and friends. And finally, I had a fish chiminea that lived for almost three weeks in our shower stall before it got to my cousin Ro's house; all because her boyfriend broke theirs and she asked me to find a suitable replacement for her while on the road.
I don't mind doing any of those things. In fact, it's kind of fun to be part of something that makes someone happy. But it's not my thing.

As Ed and I discussed this, we decided the one thing we do like, is to eat. A lot. And I'm always willing, and pushing, to try out any places we haven't been. But eating is sort of like breathing; I have to do it. It's not a thing; unless I was a food critic, which I'm not.

I've even considered doing something crafty. Maybe make jewelry or knit scarves and hats. I'd love to have something I can give out to the many homeless people we see across the country. That would not only feed my need to do something, but it would also make me feel good. But again, it's not really filling the description of a "thing" for me.

I do some photography, which is sort of a thing. And I do like it. Sometimes though, I don't feel as if it's creative enough for me. I want something I can make from scratch, that people will look at and ooh and ahh over, something maybe I can turn into a little side business. Or something that makes me really excited, like the hunt for something rare, a treasure of sorts. A thing. Ain't gotta be no big thang, but it's gotta be a thing.

Tell me, do you have a thing?

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Sauntering Soul said...

My "thing" is painting. It's the cheapest form of self-therapy I've ever found.

lacy lee said...

Um, writing. Duh! :)

Also, and maybe you know about this, but once, when I taught the first grade, I heard about a program that linked truckers to classrooms--they wrote to the class and shared what they were seeing/doing. Sort of a really cool way to teach the class geography. Can't remember the organization name. But I'm sure you could google it, if interested!