Wednesday, October 07, 2009

You Ask, I'll Answer

Since I'm having a bit of trouble focusing my thoughts and pulling enough posts together to get me up to date, why don't you help me out?

Whadya wanna know? Anything you've always wanted to ask but didn't? I know there are more readers out there than just my mother. Show your faces. Tell me why you come here to read. Tell me which blog posts interest you the most. Tell me what you might want to see more of.

Is there anything about life on the road that you'd like to know about? Do you want to know how I live 300 days out of the year three feet from my boyfriend? Do you have any questions about the industry, the job itself, the training required to get it? Do you want to know why I became a truck driver, what I did before, what my favorite part of the job is?

Do you want to know anything about anything? Because if you do, I'll tell you. So tell me what you think. Send me the questions. You can leave them in comments or you can email them to me at

You ask, I'll answer.

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Evil Pixie said...

How about your favorite areas to travel to and why they are your favorite?

Viva La Fashion said...

don't you and your boyfriend get tired of each other spending so much time together? it must be fun spending so much time on the road. :)

where was your best memory from the road?

Anonymous said...

We don't get tired of each other, but we get tired of being in the small confines of the truck even though it is more like an RV than a truck. We take time away from the truck as work permits, and our interests are similar so most of our time together, we are both doing the things that we like to do. Even though Salena is the focus of your question, I wanted to interject my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

I hope I am not too late!

I read your blog every day and just love it! Why do I read it? Hmmm. I love that while we are roughly the same age, you are in a totally different walk of life than I am and it's intriguing to me. And, you are an entertaining writer (and obviously a great photographer.)

Here's question for you: I like the camaraderie that develops between vehicles on road trips on the freeway. I am familiar with the blinking of headlights to let an 18 wheeler know he has enough room to change lanes in front of you, and I do it. (I drive a tiny Mini Cooper to be courteous...) What other things like that exist? I always respect "truckers" -- generally they are polite and professional drivers unlike oh, say, taxi drivers... so I'd like to know what else makes their lives better on the road with us amateurs. Thanks -- B in Dallas

The Daily Rant said...

I plan on putting together the questions I get (here and via email) in another post. I hope I get enough to make a decent post but if not, I'll use what I have!

Thank you Evil Pixie, Viva La Fashion and B in Dallas for submitting your questions here in the comment section.

We'll get to the answers soon!