Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Way To A Man's Heart Isn't Only Through His Stomach

When we got into town, I called my mother and asked her to meet us at the nearby mall to pick me up. Ed had to head up to Phoenix and getting off the interstate to go to the house takes too much time; the process of pulling into our neighborhood, backing down the driveway and unloading all of our stuff takes at least an hour. I was trying to save him some time.

So, from the truck, we unloaded the laundry, a full duffel bag, my laptop and the fifteen
coconuts we've been toting around for two weeks. I hopped in the car and we pulled out into traffic, just ahead of Ed. We eventually met up at the first traffic light.

I looked over and saw Ed with a huge smile on his face, looking over at me. I thought, how sweet. Then, he rolled down his window. I did the same. I figured he was going to shout over at me a goodbye and an "I love you!" before heading off to Phoenix, but then I saw him pumping his fists in the air, as if he was cheering. And he was yelling. What the hell?? Then I heard him.

He was yelling, "I'm free!! I'm free!!"

Later in the evening, after I was full from a delicious meal my mother made and lounging in front of the TV, I got a text from him.


And yes, it was all in caps. A minute later, another text. "Yumm Yumm Yumm. Sausage and peppers!" (the ones I made for lunch!) and then, "OK, I am tired of being free already."

I texted back, "You are too cute!" And then a thought hit me and I sent another text, " you mean cause I'm not there to serve you dinner???"

He replied with a very cute text, basically saying "Ha Ha! No silly! You Silly Willy Nilly Dilly You!"

OK, not basically. That's what he actually said. So it wasn't just the amazing sausage and peppers on the crusty French bread...he missed me!

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Gil said...

He missed having someone to do the dishes!

Kayla said...

Awh, that's cute. (:

all things bradbury said...

see, i told you he wouldn't like being away from you for long!....this is too cute!