Saturday, October 31, 2009

Truck Or Treat

I was minding my business, happily scouring the aisles at Big Lots when someone tapped me on the shoulder.

I thought it was Ed.

But, I didn't immediately realize it was Ed because...

He looked like this:

Once I got my voice back, I promptly scolded him for scaring the shit out of me and then I let him try on some other masks. He donned the psycho clown, which reminded me of a horror movie I'm sure I didn't see since I don't do horror...

After than one, he put on what I can only describe as a motorcycle riding, ponytailed skeleton from a video game street gang. I think the way his head is cocked to the side gives it an extra menacing feel...
Prior to that, while I was doing laundry, he had decorated the truck. We bought an extra shimmery pumpkin on our second round of shopping in the store, but this is what he put together initially and I have to say, it looked realllly cool.

Orange lights hanging from the visor, tiny skeletons hanging down from the windows, and pumpkins sitting on beds of spider webs lining the dash; two of them real and the other with flashing eyes. As night fell, it looked even better and as we approached our truck after dinner, thought we might decorate for all the holidays. I'm psyched about Christmas!!

This is the last shot, of the interior. I'd like to have gotten a better picture and may try again tonight, replacing these shots if I get anything better.

I'm pretty sure we won't be doing any trick-or-treating, but I think I might be decked out in the little devil horns I bought. Thanks to Big Lots, if I do decide to dress up, it'll only set me back two bucks.

Now that's a treat.

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Isn’t He Comcastic?
Trick Or Treating With All Ten Toes
Happy Halloween!


all things bradbury said...

first off, ed could have easily died in big lots that day after scaring the shit outta tend to kick as i second, the truck looks awesome!..we decorate for the holidays too...gotta if you're out on the road!

Anonymous said...

...LOVE the decorated rig...a MUST DO for Christmas...your life is fascinatingly fun and interesting...MAE

Gil said...

Love the Halloween look of your truck! I'd also love to see the look on some trooper's face if he ever stopped you while your truck was still decorated.