Monday, October 12, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Team Ginsu!!

First place goes to Team Ginsu (Pumpkin C), made up of me and my nephew Joey, who is 9 years old. Team Ginsu got 46 votes.

Second place goes to Team Jigsaw (Pumpkin A), made up of my brother and his son (my nephew) Jake, who is 6 years old. Team Jigsaw got 30 votes.

Third place goes to Team Dagger (Pumpkin B), made up of my boyfriend Ed and my nephew Nicolas, who is 10 years old. Team Dagger got 10 votes. Thanks to those of you who put Team Dagger on the map - you Halloween traditionalists (nose, eyes, mouth) really made that happen! :)

Of course I'm totally lovin' that my team won, but it was so much fun to do and we had so many laughs that it's one of those times where the normally lame "Everyone is a winner" adage actually applies!

I really, really, REALLY appreciate everyone who participated in the voting. The kids are off from school this week so I was calling them throughout the day telling them "The votes are pouring in!" and "Ahhh, there's one more!" and "Oh...another email...another vote for...." They were totally excited!

Ed also posted the photos on his Facebook, so we were both checking our phones and emails obsessively all day, calling out the letter of the pumpkin who got the most recent vote.

Again...thank you ALL for voting and thank you for the additional comments!!!

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Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

What fun!!!! And you definitely are all winners :)

Leigh Hutchens Burch said...

Even though I voted for "a" I'm glad that you were the creator of pumpkin "c," and that you won! You won! What is this all "we're all winners?" nonsense. You won... in their faces! (Sorry. I am all about bragging rights.)


Hedon said...

Dang it!

Miss one day of being online and you miss all the voting fun! And you know how I love to vote on things.

I'm going to go ahead and vote now. I'm voting for "B" cause you know I gotta love the underdog.

Anonymous said... usual, your blog brought fun to us too...go celebrate!...MAE

all things bradbury said...

this was such a cool thing...thanks for sharing your halloween and your hometime fun with all of us!....they were all wayyyy cool, it was hard to choose......i really figured the ufo was ed' his recent meteor guys did a great job!