Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Pumpkin Master

My youngest nephew is a pisser.  He had the biggest pumpkin to carve and he used every tool available to him - a big serving spoon to scrape the interior, rubber gloves to scoop out the guts, various knives and carving tools, my brother's giant jar of nails (?!) and the Dremel that Ed brought.

In the photo he's wearing the 3D glasses we got from when we went to see Gravity earlier this week (save your money - get it at RedBox) so the pumpkin debris wouldn't fly into his eyes. 

His eyes were fine but he had a layer of pumpkin spray on his forehead and the entire length of his hairline.  Look how intense he is while working - he probably didn't even feel his head being pelted with pumpkin bits.

And his pumpkin came out great, so he might just be on to something.

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Pat said...

A pisser? And what's with the tub of nails?

The Daily Rant said...

PAT: In my family, we call someone a "pisser" if they're funny or quirky or exasperating or just makes you shake your head and smile (or frown) at their antics. It covers many things.

My youngest nephew loves anything that has to do with tools, or building, or creating outdoors, etc. Hence, asking my brother if he could use the "jar of nails" for his pumpkin. This is the kid who since he was 6 years old asks for a Home Depot gift card when you ask him what he wants for Christmas. LOL

He was in HEAVEN using that Dremel on a pumkin. :)