Monday, October 29, 2007

The Bridges And A Cowboy

This weekend, we visited Madison County, Iowa; the birthplace of John Wayne and home to the bridges made famous in Robert James Waller’s novel, The Bridges Of Madison County.

The picture above and below are of Cedar Bridge, which graces the
cover of Waller's novel.The town of Winterset was also in the movie, as it was filmed on location, and as we drove through town, we saw several places featured in the movie. There are six bridges left today, but we only visited this one due to the size of the truck and how hard it is to maneuver small spaces.

At least now I can say I saw a bridge in Madison County; and also the birthplace of a cowboy named Marion.


Anonymous said...

Did you actually drive through in the truck? How exciting! omg


Sauntering Soul said...

Man, I am so jealous of all the cool stuff you get to see every day. Me? Oh, I'm just sitting here staring at cardboard boxes and piles of work in my cubicle having a grand ol' time.

The photos are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

ooo..I liked that movie :)
What a scrapbook you will have when you retire!

Anonymous said...

...I love travelling with my two favorite truckers...MAE

somepinkflowers said...

we are having a
Blog Halloween Party over here
you might like to come over
do the monster-mash with us...


we will be up most of the night!

you could come dressed as a traveling-trucker-photojournalist