Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shopping Among The Farmers

Today we hit the Farmer's Market near our house, held at St. Philip’s Plaza.  It was extremely hot in the sun, but St. Philip's has lots of trees and shaded areas, so there were plenty of places to take a break.
We went in the afternoon, so it wasn't very busy, and we were able to wander around without having to battle any crowds.
I didn't need any vegetables since I went shopping earlier in the week, but I did leave with fresh Chipotle Chèvre from one of the vendors, and some Fromage Blanc and Artichoke Tapenade from Rainbow Valley Heritage Foods

They make their Farmer's Cheese from a family recipe (originally made in the Indiana and Ohio area by Denise's grandmother), and also offer mascarpone, butter, gnocchi and tapenade.  All of the cheeses I tasted were AMAZING. 

They're essentially lactose free - the process they use takes out 90% of the lactose - and most of them are also gluten free.  Denise and Sheri, the girls who founded the company and were manning the booth, were great.

I can't wait to break that stuff out tomorrow - I'm building my lunch menu around it!

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