Monday, October 15, 2012

Two More For You, Mr. President!

We got home this week and among running around taking care of our other errands, we were able to take advantage of early voting since we have no idea where we'll be on November 6th.  It was the first day the location was open and I thought it would be busy, but when we got there, it was just the two people who ran the place, and us.

We were in and out in fifteen minutes.  We voted for our guy, among others, and can now kick back and watch the next two debates, listen to the pundits pundit, and just wait for the final word.

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Gil said...

Aren't you afraid that the debates might bring something to the surface to make you change your minds?

Belledog said...

So proud of you!

Belledog said...

Gil: is that snark?

Anonymous said...

how can you vote for him when he is regulating us to death?

The Daily Rant said...

GIL: Nope.

BELLEDO: Thanks!

ANONYMOUS: Specifically which regulations are you talking about?

Gil said...

Belldog: Just teasing Salena!

Belledog said...

Good morning Gil. Yep, I typed up a snarky response and then realized that you probably were teasing.

What did you all think of the debate last night?

PS: re regulations: if we still had Glass Steagall, our economy would be a lot better off. I am glad that we don't have mad cow disease, and piss on California all you want -- its air quality is markedly improved in recent years. Who wants to see this beautiful country strip-mined? Extract every last resource and effort, and then throw the environment and human away as refuse.

No thank you.

Anonymous: do you like getting fleeced by banks and companies you do business with? Do you like knowing your child's medicine is safe, and that her schools observe fire regulations?

Lotta stupid regulations out there, and am sure that truckers deal with more than most. But blanket whining about "regulations" -- government can protect you and level the playing field too.

Belledog said...

Last, government does create jobs. And it can help grow the private sector. NASA. Public health. The military. National parks and environmental protection.

Teaching and our fine university/community college sector.

Homeland Security and private security contractors, for government grown out of control.

The internet started out as a DARPA project. A lot of what we take for granted started out with government R&D.

Do you want any crummy vehicle, or trucks without brakes and people who can drive them safely, out on the road?