Saturday, October 13, 2012

Digging Through The Vault

I saw this ring in an antique store in New Paltz, New York about eight years ago. It's costume jewelry, but I love the faux peridot and I love that it's set in the gold tone, so I bought it.  Probably paid way too much for it, but I've worn it many times and have always gotten compliments on it.  It's very sparkly, and a little too flashy (fake or not) to wear on the road.  But when I do wear it, I feel like I have on a piece of my grandmother's costume jewelry.  I think it's a real find. 

I came across it recently when I was looking through my jewelry box and took a picture so I could peek at it every now and again. I like it not just for the color and shape, but it reminds me of the day I got it; shopping with my friend from Arizona but in New York with him for my cousin's wedding.  A great memory for me.

Maybe I'll break it out again for our cruise in January, for "dress up" night. Until then, I'll just visit it here on the blog.

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