Sunday, October 02, 2016

Ed Talks Meat With Elvis

Ed talking to the King of BBQ

We've been home for over three weeks now and have plenty of extra time on our hands.

I've been feeling as if I've squandered some of that time. I don't know what I thought I should be doing, but I think I should have gotten more of something accomplished.  I actually did do quite a bit since I've been taking my mother around town to look at paint and tile (and tile and more tile) for her new townhouse.  Yes, that's still going on.

Today Ed and I went to the SAHBA Home & Garden Show.  We got some information for our own house renovation, talked to some solar people, saw a demonstration on one of Ed's newest interests, the Big Green Egg - he's into researching meat smokers lately.  It was a successful outing.

But I really need an entire day at home.  Deep down, I'm really a homebody, and I hate going out just for the sake of "getting out of the house" like some people do.  I don't need to get out of the house.  If I have errands, I plan them all in one day, so this going out every day shit is getting to me.

And tomorrow I'll be going out again.  When will it end???

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