Monday, October 17, 2011

A Great Idea

Yesterday my friend and I had a little girl time. I've been home a week, helping my mother with my step-father, when my friend Kim texted to ask what I was doing; she was going for a pedicure and wanted to know if I wanted to join her.

Want to? Are you kidding?? Of course I want to. I checked with my mother to see if she'd be okay if I left the house for a little while and she said yes, so I texted back that I was free to go with. I felt like I was sixteen, checking with my mother to see if I could go out.

We got pedicures (we both did our toes in
Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI) and then went for lunch. I texted Ed during the pedicure and he wanted to know if they were going to charge me more for using the belt sander on my heels. He's such a gem, isn't he?
Not only did I get a nice little break, but I returned with beautiful toes. I love that I have friends with good ideas. Makes my brain have to work that much less.

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Kimberly said...

We do have PRETTY Toes now eh!!! whoop whoop!!!! that was one of the most fun and relaxing days I have had in a LONG time.....LOVE YOU!!!!!