Friday, October 07, 2011

Autumn Leaves Begin To Fall

Taken at a mandatory brake check area on I-68 in West Virginia.


Gil said...

Nice colors!

Sister Ro said...

Love the colors! Pretty picture.

Marlaina said...

You got the best colors of the year. West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina maybe the 2011 color winners.

The weather experts say the Northeast has been so cloudy and rainy for so long, the chlorophyll in the trees didn't break down - it needs sun. Hence less bold colors.

And because of Hurricane Irene there was salt water in the air and it made the leaves curl under, turn brown and drop off.

Ain't science grand.

We're in Florida, raining like mad, cloudy, humid, yuck.

Anonymous said...

autumn leave starting to fall I got autumn rain falling

Wait till you see Farm Services said...

Great post. I love autumn, it is the best season for me.