Thursday, October 07, 2010

I Wonder What Color The Ancient Etruscans Wore?

Today I went to the mall to get a manicure and pedicure; you know, in case anyone in Italy wants to see my toes.

The girl doing my toes took FORever to give me a pedicure. Usually, I'm not in a rush but because I had so many last minute things to do, I really was hoping to get in and out of there. She finished the pedicure but didn't get to the polishing part because she had to finish up another customer, but transferred me over to another guy to start on my nails.

He had just finished my nails when the fire alarm in the mall started to go off. Loudly. Right outside our door.

No one moved.

In fact, a lady walked in asking if she could get a pedicure, having to raise her voice over the screaming loud alarm. Only in New York does someone still need a pedicure during what very well may be a fire. I'm serious, though. Not one person moved. Not even me. We just sort of looked around like, "Is this real?"

Yep. It was real.
Paul Blart finally came into the salon and told us we all had to go outside. So out we went, into the parking lot to wait for the "all clear" signal. My nails were done and my toes were done but not polished and I was thinking, I could just leave and they'd never even know... But I didn't. Ed was sleeping in the truck and I had more shopping to do. So I paid the nail guy right there in the parking lot and told him I would be back to get my toes polished.

And off I went, leaving the parking lot just as the fire engines and police arrived. I drove to another shopping plaza a few miles away, hit up a few more stores and then headed back to the mall to get my
signature color applied.

Ed slept through the whole thing. The fire engine sirens, the driving to another shopping plaza and back, even my telling him that the mall had been evacuated. He couldn't have cared less what was going on around him. He doesn't even care what color my toes are.

But they're done and I'm ready to hit Italy with Pompeii Purple gracing my tootsies!

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