Thursday, October 14, 2010

If Only I Looked As Good As He Does

We're back from Italy but we're both sicker than dogs. The first thing we did the morning after we landed was to hit the local Urgent Care. To find out what, you ask?

That I have bronchitis. BAD.

I can't breathe or speak without coughing. I have gone through two boxes of tissues in two days. And I haven't gone three feet from the bed all day.

Ed has been blessed with severe sinus and chest congestion. He's coughing too. The truck is like a nursing home and we are the people keeping everyone up. I'm hacking like a 90-year old man and Ed's nose-blowing sounds like a fog horn.

I haven't been this sick in over ten years. I've been all over this country; going from very hot to very cold climates in a matter of days, from desert sands of Arizona to lush forests of the Northeast. I've peed in every bathroom from coast to coast (and I'm sure I've forgotten to wash my hands once or twice). And I've never caught ANYTHING.

So what happens when I go to Italy? Between two absolutely HORRENDOUS plane rides and one coughing seventy year old in our group, I come back with this. I'm not happy AT ALL.

I plan on catching up on the blog in the next few days...I hope. If I can sit up long enough to get through a couple of posts. Please keep checking back!

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Pat said...

take care of yourselves. We missed you both. Well, at least I did.

DIXIE said...


Gil said...

Take care of your health first. I for one will wait until the two of you are all recuperated from Alitalia air!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Wishing I was close enough to bring some chicken soup and sorbet.

May this not be what the Italian trip is most memorable for. Look forward to your blogging.

And everyone: get out there and vote! Big election, and your vote will make a difference.


Evil Pixie said...

You and Ed take it easy and rest up. If it makes you feel any better, you aren't alone in your ick misery. I too am sick - strep throat and bronchitis. Don't know how it happened but it did.

Ms. Crawford said...

Not to mention the amount of door handles you've touched going in and out of the truck stops or the amount of people you have brushed by in all parts of the country, but noooo you had to go to Italy to get sick. I'm so SORRY :( It must be the pitts I am sure. You guys just get healthy, we need ya back out there!

june in florida said...

Get well, i bet it was worth it and you would do it again in a heartbeat.