Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Maybe They Just Don't Like Oklahomans

Today we got our International Driving Permits for our trip to Italy. As I was researching for the trip, I discovered that not only are these recommended, but they're required by law. I'm not in any mood to be spending the day in the company of the Carabinieri trying to translate my driver's license, so Ed and I got one. At only $15 each, they're a real bargain.

Last time my cousin was in Italy, they were stopped for what they felt was an innocuous maneuver and were required to pay what they claim was a "large sum" of money. From what I read, the police are empowered to collect fines right on the spot, so I'm not really sure if they paid a legitimate fine or were taken advantage of. I'll be sure to get the details of that little encounter on the plane ride over. I want to be prepared.

As for the IDP, I'm glad to have one. If for no other reason than that it seemed to irk the clerk who processed them for us. We stopped at a AAA in Oklahoma City on our way from California to New York and in the fifteen minutes it took us to get the permits, we heard our first travel warning.

The woman behind the counter asked us where were were headed. When she heard we were going to Italy she told us to make sure we didn't hand over our "real licenses" because "They don't like Americans over there". Seriously, lady? I mean, I know you live in Oklahoma and all, but really?

I wish I thought to ask her if she'd ever actually been there, but Ed was giving me the evil eye; the one that said do not say a thing. One friend of mine said the clerk had probably never been further than fifty miles of the seat she was sitting in.

nother friend said, when also told that they don't like Americans "over there", that she usually answers with, "Oh, good. I don't like Americans either."

That should shut them up.

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Gil said...

I'm pretty sure you have to how them both licenses! I hope you have photo copies of your licenses and passports. If not, try to have the hotel make you copies. You can drive with a photo copy of your license and the IDL. I know because I got pick pocketed and the police told me that I was lucky to have the photo copy.