Wednesday, January 23, 2019

You Talking To Me?

I went to see an audiologist this week to get a hearing test. 

The results show that my speech audiometry is great - I scored 100% on that test - I was able to hear all the words the test administrator was saying to me.  

And my tympanometry is good - the pressure in my middle ear is apparently normal.
But my hearing threshold - the frequency or pitch, measured in Hertz (Hz) - is where I seem to have a little glitch.  The audiometer tests this hearing range and the results are recorded on an audiogram.  

Seems I can hear low frequencies just fine, I start to have trouble with the moderate frequency sounds, and when we get to the high frequencies, I can't hear a damn thing.  I knew this was an issue many years ago when Ed had an app on his phone that made a noise similar to a dog whistle - a very high pitched sound.  Although others around me could hear it, no matter how many times Ed played it, and no matter how hard I strained, I couldn't hear a damn thing.

It seems the degree of my hearing loss is between mild and moderate.  One-on-one conversations are fine as long as there isn't a lot of background noise, like in a restaurant or crowded place, and there is a bit of asking people to repeat themselves because I miss a word or two, but overall, it's not affecting my personal or professional life (which was one of the questions the doctor asked) so I guess for now I can forgo the hearing aids.  

What this doesn't explain is why I can't hear Ed asking me a question (he has a low toned voice) but I can hear the clink-clink-clinking of two plates, in a cabinet, in the sleeper, ten feet behind me, while I'm driving the loudest vehicle I've ever operated in my life. 

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