Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winding It Up Before Leaving Town

Today we stopped by our friend Craig's to ask for his help on a little project Ed was doing. 

I've known Craig since he was in eight grade, when he first became best friends with my brother, and I knew he'd be able to help with Ed's vision.  Although Ed could have completed this project on his own with a little elbow grease, Craig is a highly skilled metalsmith with a fully stocked machine shop.  Asking for his help was a no-brainer.

Here, Ed and Craig discuss the details: 
Once they decided exactly how they were going to proceed - with lots of (useless) input from me - Craig got to work.  I gotta tell you, Craig is one of the nicest guys I've ever known in my life.  He's always happy, always has a smile, always quick to laugh, and always quick to lend a hand.  Anytime Ed or I have a harebrained idea that involves welding, we think of Craig.  We've called him several times but have never actually had him do anything for us - all the projects sort of fell to the wayside.

But this was a little one, so we took a ride over (he's a mile from our house) and thought we'd be in an out - the weld was something Craig could do with his eyes closed - but we wound up hanging out for two hours.  It took Craig no time at all to do the welding part, but we killed a lot of time fiddling around and bullshitting. 
When everything was said and done, Ed had exactly what he had envisioned - a new strap winder for the trailer:
It fits in the stake pocket of the new trailer perfectly, and as soon as we got home he tested it.  Works perfectly.  And it'll probably last forever.
Now we can get back to work.

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dlg said...

I hope you have some way of securing it so nobody can purloin it!

dlg said...

p.s. ingenious.

The Daily Rant said...

DLG: It will only be in this position when in use. When not in use, it will be stowed away in a locked storage box. :)

Ed said...

I'm purloining it right now. I'm a purloiner. I come from a long line of purloiners from way back. My great great granppappy was a purloiner.

The word is steal, for those of you from the 20th century. LOL. No Ma, no one is stealing it.

M Hanson said...

Machinists and metallurgists make ideas reality, so cool. Great pics, useful for the DIYer.