Sunday, January 12, 2014

Next Blog, Please

You see up there at the top of the the very, tippy-top....where it says "next blog" with two arrows?

I don't know who uses this button, and I haven't done it for YEARS, but today I decided to keep paging forward to see what I came across.

You know what I found?


I had intended to link to some really cool blogs that I thought I'd be coming across as a result of my devil-may-care clicking.  

I'm sure there are clickers who breeze right by me - Wait!  Stop!!  Come back! - and that's fine.  Can't be everyone's cup of tea.  In the course of my clicking, I found blogs that hadn't been updated (for years!), a disturbing number of religious blogs, a gluten-free cyclist, mommy and daddy blogs with pictures of kids sleeping, eating and I think one who was throwing up.  It was really a disastrous random blog-finding journey.

But then I found this one:

Vito, of Bill's Magical Mystery Tour.  I don't quite get the name, but he rides his bike in the snow!  A bike that has handlebar gloves - or whatever they're called.  Can I love him more??

He apparently rides a LOT - year round - and he's got some pretty amazing pictures of his travels.  He even has one of a really damn big deer.    I'm certainly not at his level of bike riding - mountain trails, lakeside sojourns, snow - but it's inspiring and really makes me look forward to the spring.

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Gil said...

I thought that it would bring me to blogs that I visit. Was disappointed when it didn't. Glad you found something good.