Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Better Than No Touch Freight

We finally sold our old trailer! And we are thrilled.

There wasn't anything wrong with it, it just wasn't suited for the freight we were hauling.  When the opportunity presented itself to get the new one, we jumped on it. That meant we were sort of stuck with the old one for the time being - it's not like we could trade it in - but since it was paid for and wouldn't cost us anything while it sat around, we just parked it in the yard and put it up for sale.

Ed listed it in Truck Paper, on our company website, on the equipment website of the people we bought it from, on Craigslist, in a trucker Facebook page, and on Ebay. We got a couple of calls on it, but nothing panned out.

Until yesterday. Ed got a call while he was having breakfast at a little greasy spoon in the Florida panhandle. The caller wanted this trailer. Today. Ed knew immediately he was "the one".

Turns out he was the owner of a trucking company in Pennsylvania, was on vacation in Florida, and was sitting around browsing items for sale on Ebay.  He saw the trailer and decided he and it were a perfect match.  He called his office girl back in snowy PA and told her to prepare to wire the funds right away.  He also had a guy out in Phoenix who was picking up some other trailers he purchased, and put him on standby to send to Tucson as soon as the money Ed's bank account.

The dust devil began.

Ed exchanged a few phone calls and emails, waited a couple of hours for the money to be wired, called his bank to confirm they were actually in his account, then had the title notarized, made up a bill of sale, and hit a nearby FedEx branch to overnight the documents to a tiny town in Pennsylvania.

Then, back in Arizona, my brother met the guy from Phoenix who came to the house to pick up the trailer - photo of his blue rig courtesy of my mother, taken through the screen of the back porch - to make sure he got in and out easily.

Our only concern was the driver getting stuck in the sand like Ed did a couple of years ago.  We were hoping since his truck was smaller and lighter than ours that he wouldn't have any trouble.

But just in case he did, Ed armed my brother with the name and number of the tow company we used to get us out.

Thankfully he didn't have to use it.
The selling of this trailer was the quickest and smoothest transaction I've ever witnessed for a purchase of this size.  Not that I've had much experience selling equipment, but I've spent more time getting my hair cut and colored than it took for this to happen.

Now we have a nice chunk of change to dump into retirement.

Ed is clam happy.

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Belledog said...

That's good news. Glad transaction went so smoothly.

dlg said...

Sooo happy for you1