Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Two Worlds Collide

Facebook, meet Blogger. Blogger, I'd like to introduce Facebook.

Seems this list of 25 is going around on Facebook, so I thought I'd post it here too for all you NFBs (Non-Facebookers) to read. If you want to participate, please either do it on your own blog and let me know so I can come read, or post your 25 in the comments!

25 Things About Me

1. I have two small, but prominent scars on my face. One on my left cheek from shaving when I was four years old; I was emulating my father, picked up the razor, and cut my left cheek. And the other is on my lower lip from when my brother tried to rescue me after I fell while ice skating; instead, he fell and kicked me in the lip with the zig-zag toe of the ice skate.

2. I have an unhealthy attraction to doing these list things: memes, 25 things about me, 7 weird facts about me, 100 things you don’t know about me…whatever you call them, I LOVE them and I love reading them when others fill them out – even if they are strangers!

3. I hate local news. Anywhere, any station. It’s like the mall cop of television.

4. I have never done any illegal drugs in my life. No pot, no pills, no coke, no nothing. I have never smoked and I don’t drink. Yes, really.

5. I can count the number of times I’ve been drunk in my entire 41 years of life on one hand. Yes, really.

6. The only thing I like about Christmas are the lights, the decorations, and the snow if I’m lucky enough to be where this is any. Everything else pretty much sucks – especially the stress-filled shopping, the extreme commercialism, and the forced gaiety.

7. I wear size 11 or 12 shoes. It’s haunted me my entire life, making it near impossible when I was younger to find shoes. My brother always said I should throw away the shoes and wear the boxes. Now that I actually CAN find shoes, I live in flip-flops most of the year.

8. I broke my collarbone in a school bus accident on September 6, 1979. It was the second day of school and I was 11 years old, in the 6th grade. The bus flipped on its side (the side I was sitting on, which cause the people on the other side to fall on me) and slid down the road before it came to a stop. The older kids opened the back emergency door and helped the younger kids get out. My brother was also on the same bus but didn’t get hurt. Turns out I was the only one with a serious injury, everyone else just had bumps and bruises.

9. I don’t think soul mates have to be only of a romantic nature. Hence, my soul mate is my best friend Vicki. The bond was strong and immediate and hasn’t waned since the day we met.

10. I am not loyal to any hairdresser, any nail tech, or any medical professional. I will go wherever I can to get whatever I need and it never occurs to me that someone should be offended by it.

11. In addition, I am not loyal to any brand. I have preferences, but generally, I will buy whatever brand is available for the item I want. Off the top of my head, the only item that I will never waver on is Hellman’s Mayonnaise. Who eats that Miracle Whip crap anyway???

12. I’ve always been intrigued by office supplies. I will find myself wandering the pen/paper/envelope aisle in WalMart or Target, figuring out which pen I must have or justifying why I need Sharpies in every color. I have many blank journal books, folders of all colors, post-it notes in all sizes, spiral notebooks, fine point pens, etc., and can’t ever seem to get out of Office Max or Staples without dropping a minimum of $20.

13. When I was young, my father was a mailman. He had a leather mailbag, walked a route, and delivered letters by hand to individual houses. When I was in grade school, he worked in a small-town post office in upstate New York. I would often go to work with him, where I was allowed to sell postage, sort mail, and use the ink stamps (“Return To Sender”, “Fragile”, “Extra Postage Required” ) on everything I could get my hands on. I was also allowed to use as much twine as I wanted and often, went home with a roll of it. I didn’t need twine, but I always took a roll anyway. Perhaps all the handling of mail, paper, stamps, and postage started my obsession with office products.

14. I abhor all sports of any kind. I think way too much emphasis is put on sports in general, too much money is spent on sports programs (especially at the high school and college level) and too many kids are deluded into thinking they’re going to be millionaires like the people they see on TV just for throwing a ball. I just don’t get the appeal. And people who yell at the TV during a game? Morons.

15. I met my boyfriend Ed online. Since he was driving a truck at the time, we made arrangements for him to come through Tucson to visit me and our first date was in June 2004. After a few more dates and time spent together, I quit my job in November 2004 to go on the road with him. We’ve been together ever since. Spending 24/7 in a truck with your boyfriend? Now that’s love!

16. I often prefer certain foods cold (as leftovers) over hot: cheese ravioli, lasagna, pizza, penne alla vodka, spaghetti, heck – most pasta. Also, I LOVE cold Chinese food, especially crab rangoons and fried rice!

17. I speak loud and fast almost all of the time. When I was younger, my mother would constantly repeat “lower and slower” to me. It didn’t work.

18. Twelve years ago I went to L.A. to pursue plus-sized modeling. I didn’t stick with it and it’s one of my life’s biggest regrets.

19. While in L.A. for a photo shoot, the valet at the hotel I was staying at was convinced I was Ricki Lake. Even after I said, “Sorry. I’m not Ricki Lake,” he sidled up to me and whispered, “C’mon, I promise I won’t tell anyone. You’re Ricki Lake, right?”

20. I am often told I look like Kathy Najimy. When people say, “Do you know who you look like?” I usually respond in a joking tone with, “If you say the fat nun from Sister Act….” They always laugh because that’s exactly what they were thinking, but once they see I’m not offended, they admit it and say “Uh, yeah.”

21. I always sleep with my feet out of the covers. Being “tucked in” especially at the feet, makes me a little crazy and a lot crabby. I could never handle a sleeping bag.

22. I went to the Lilith Fair concert in Phoenix in 1999 and LOVED it. I found it odd though, that there were more women in attendance than men, and a lot of them looked like they were “together”. Then the friend I went with informed me that they were all lesbians. I had no idea. I guess I had undeveloped gaydar back then.

23. My boyfriend just spent $200,000.00 on a new truck but when people admire it, he acts like he’s driving around in a 10-year-old Jeep. I'm surprised I haven't heard him say, “This old schmata?” (Well, I'm not really surprised since he's from Texas and probably never even heard Yiddish, but still - he's so modest, he acts like it's just some old thing he threw on and decided to drive around town in it.)

24. I’m very diligent about returning phone calls, emails, text messages, etc. I’m extremely annoyed when I hear that someone “forgot” to call back or doesn’t “have time” to return an email. How fucking busy can you be? People run countries and have time to return calls. What the hell are you doing that’s so all-consuming?

25. Since being in the new truck, I’ve fallen and scraped my knee, twisted my ankle, and sliced my thumb while cooking. I guess I’m not used to being in a moving vehicle where I can actually get up, walk around and do stuff. I’ve either become very clumsy or the truck is possessed.


Anonymous said...

...absolutely love 'reading' you...thanks for sharing all your beauty with this loyal fan...MAE

Expat No. 3699 said...

"I hate local news. Anywhere, any station. It’s like the mall cop of television." So true, and yet I put it on every morning, though I usually end up turning it off in disgust.

Great list.