Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Frozen Kentucky Home

I love Kentucky, but boy did they have a wicked ice storm this past week. All the way from Ohio to Texas, we hit torrential rain and serious ice. These are some pictures I snapped from the truck while cruising through Kentucky.

I wish it were sunnier so the ice would be twinklier, but cloudy and gray was what I had to work with. Once again, it's the best I could do from the window of a moving vehicle.


Gil said...

I was wondering if you two were going to get hung up by that storm as it seems to have taken place around the time I remember you saying you were leaving Ohio with the new ride.

Anonymous said...

We took it slow and easy Gil. I know better than to drive in ice, but the sun was out and the roads weren't slick. That is still no guarantee, but we didn't see any accidents and mostly people were driving slowly that day.