Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Marking This Day In History With A Vibrant Spot Of Color

This weekend, Ed and I went to the Franklin Park Conservatory for a few hours to check out the main show they were featuring called The Orchid Forest. Although the town is blanketed in a thick layer of the fluffy white stuff outside, there was no hiding the vibrant color among the greenery inside.

The Franklin Conservatory, located in Columbus, Ohio was a beautiful way to spend the afternoon. Their web site says, "Set within the 88 acres of Franklin Park, the Conservatory houses 400 species of plants from a variety of global climate zones and features the historic John F. Wolfe Palm House where more than 45 species of palms are represented amongst more than 120 individual specimens." We even saw a bonsai tree that was over 100 years old!

The Conservatory also featured pieces by my favorite glass artist, Dale Chihuly, which was a special treat for me to see. I think Ed may have gotten even better shots than I did, which I will definitely be stealing to
feature on the blog (yes, dear, you will get full recognition for your photos. Sheesh!).

Now enough about flowers....today I will be spending the day watching my new President get sworn in. Pass the tissues, please!


Gil said...

Thanks for the tissue hint. I just put a new box of them where my wife sits to watch important things on TV! Enjoy yourself.

Dreamybee said...

Wow, that's a great exhibit that you guys saw!

Speaking of Chihuly exhibits, you know what is anxiety producing? Walking through a Dale Chihuly exhibit with a bunch of elementary school kids in your charge. "Stay over here!" "Where are you going?" "Don't go over there!" "Come back here!" "What are you doing?" "What did I just tell you about touching things???" "No, you can't take your coat off!" "Slow down!" "Don't dawdle-stay with the group!" LOL. Good times.

Anocsanamun said...

wow... Did I tell you that you look abso-freakin-lutely GORGEOUS in your profile picture? HOT DAYUM!

Anonymous said...

First? LOVED the MLK post.
Second? Loved the spot of color post. I watched the whole thing yesterday. Did you see Aretha sing My Country Tis of Thee? Im wondering....because everyone at our house swears she sang 'from redneck Georgia' in part of the song. Did you happen to hear that? I've gotta rewind it and play it again, but I've listened to it a half dozen times. lol

Blondie said...

Purdy picture!!