Saturday, January 18, 2014

Gorgeous, Rich, And Rugged. And That's Just The Bag.

So now the residents of  Down Under can get as fat as we are.

This takes bicycle riding to a whole new level.  Whole new level...get it?

I'm going to do one of these river cruises if I have to take it on my death bed.  I wanted it to happen this year, but it's too early to tell.

Yo!  What are you afraid of??

My favorite hair cut - and oddly, one that I've never had - is back again.  But really, did it ever leave us?

As if I didn't love grilled cheese enough - now I have EIGHTEEN choices.  

I love reading a movie.  I've seen some of these already, but I really need to get crackin' if I want to see all fifty.  

I don't even remember how many times I've seen this rig, but I love it.  And I want to take it on the road and live nomadically.

I love the style of this bag.  Impractical - because you have to stack everything you put in it, and what if you need something down at the bottom? - but I still would love to have one.  Or buy Ed one.  It's gorgeously rugged and rich.  

How does Cameron Diaz stay hydrated, you wonder?  She drinks water.  Holy shit.  Does NASA know about her yet?  

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mick said...

the grilled cheese looks amazing-we will certainly be trying some of those

Cadieux et Langevin said...

Indeed..I love this military bag as well..Looks good on travel <3