Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Can Think Of Better Ways To Spend Hump Day

I have dentist appointments scheduled for today and tomorrow. I am not at all thrilled by this. We try to get cleanings every time we're home but we've been lax and haven't been for a few years.

Today I'll get a new set of x-rays, tomorrow a cleaning. The x-rays are a piece of cake and since I don't have any tooth pain, there isn't anything in particular she'll have to look at. Unless she finds something...cue suspenseful music.

The one thing I know she'll discuss with me is my gum recession. I've had it all of my adult life and on a few teeth, it's worse than others, causing extra sensitivity; my aggressive brushing style doesn't help. Last time I was in she referred me to a periodontist, but I never went. That might spell trouble.

Ed went in earlier this week with tooth pain and wound up getting a crown. He has to go back tomorrow to have it installed.

Not that you're all that interested, but I'll give another update tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!

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