Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Woman With Cat

Here's Miss Lily again, in a position she's often found, standing atop the lazyboy like a sentinel standing guard. Usually she makes the climb from the floor, across my mother's lap and up to the top, but sometimes she leaps directly from the floor and flies up to that position. The lazyboy rocks with her body weight, but she never loses her footing.

In this particular moment, she is scanning the room for the new dog, not realizing that the dog is sleeping soundly in her cage, unaware that she's being hunted by a cat. When my mother took the dog to the vet, who pronounced the dog perfectly healthy, the vet said that they'll eventually get along, they just need some time.

The way it's going so far, the next picture I take might be titled Woman With Dog, Cat Nowhere To Be Found.

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ELH said...

hope you get to feeling better real soon..maybe that florida sunshine will help...