Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Berry Good Time

I know. Another picture of food. Honestly folks, not much else has been going on. We came to Florida to attend the Appreciation Days for the company we're leased to, but the last day of that event was Saturday. If you're interested in an actual journalistic point of view in the form of a very well written blog post, visit my friend Marlaina's blog - she's done the best write-up I've seen yet - and that includes anything put out by any of the trucking publications out there.

Once the business end of the event was over, all we've done is eat (well, not that we didn't do that at the event also). I got roped into had the pleasure of cooking breakfast every day, while each evening was spent at nearby dining establishments (some of which you've already read about). The first day, Marlaina asked if I would mind making pancakes because she bought us a bottle of maple syrup for Canada that apparently needed to be cracked open pronto! She went to the store, bought pancake mix, fresh berries, orange juice, and Canadian bacon - which we've been told is not bacon it's just ham, even though it says "Canadian Bacon" on the package and most of us call it Canadian Bacon, the Canadians just call it ham - and I added the eggs, since Ed can't do bacon (of any kind) without an egg.

The first two days, I made breakfast for Marlaina, Greg, Ed and I, adding fresh whipped cream (made from scratch, thank you very much) for the berries, and lime curd that I'd been itching to use, to the breakfast menu. We all crowded around our little table and dined like kings. I used the fresh blueberries in the pancake mix and let me tell you...they were to die for.

We had the same breakfast three days in a row and asked Dave to join us on the last day - so there were five of us crowded into my little kitchen, eating a home cooked breakfast. The night before Greg and Marlaina left, we also had them over for dinner. I made
Sausage and Peppers which everyone seemed to like.

It was SO MUCH FUN being able to spend five days with our friends. I can't wait for the next time we get together for a "work thing". I'm already scoping out restaurants.

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