Monday, January 09, 2012

I'm Totally Contemplating Thievery

I've always had a bit of a stationery obsession; pens, paper, notebooks, journals, greeting cards, handmade papers. I love Office Depot, shopping for school supplies and browsing stores like Papyrus. Oh the beautiful stuff to be found in that store!

I think it must run in the family. Recently, I was using a pen I found at my mother's house. She saw me using it and said, "Is that your pen or mine?"

"Yours, but I have one just like it." I said.

"Well, I don't want you using that one." she said, and took it from my hand.

"I've been using it all week! You didn't even notice. Now you want it back. I love it." I said.

"Yes, and that's why I don't want you to use it." she said. "You'll forget that it's mine and you'll take it."

"I'm not going to take it." I said.

"I only use that pen for special occassions. I don't use it to just write any old thing." she said.

"Really? You have a pen you use for special occassions?? What kind of special occassion calls for a particular pen?" I asked.

"Just...things....stuff I like to write." she stammered.

I just had to laugh. But I totally understood what she meant. There are times, if Ed asks for a pen, which I know he's using to sign a bill or lading or hand to someone else to sign a bill of lading, I totally give him the shittiest pen in the truck. I am not losing one of my good pens to a dock worker.

I have one of these same pens my mother is coveting, and I love it. Retractable. Fine point. Blue ink. Writes amazingly smooth and has quick drying ink. I look for it everywhere I go and so far, I haven't found one.

I'll probably have to order it online. Or, I do know where I can find one...

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Angela said...

Not sure which brand or style of pen it is. But I'm all about my Pilot G2 extra fine point pens. I buy them in bulk. Most places carry the Pilot G2 standard but it's the extra fine that really makes it special. :-)