Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why Milk Is ALWAYS At The Top Of My Shopping List

I love cereal. Cold cereal. Healthy cereal. Junk cereal. I don't eat a whole lot of it for breakfast - my breakfasts mainly consist of oatmeal, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese and fruit or Dunkin' Donuts if I happen to be lucky enough to be near one - but I do like to eat cereal for lunch, dinner or a late night snack.

I've decided that it satisfies a lot of snacky sort of desires. It's definitely got the crunch factor going for it, and depending on the cereal, it can also have a sweet thing going on. The milk satiates the creamy aspect, and also the refreshing cold aspect - I like my cereal with ice cold milk. There's not too much salt satisfaction going on, but I'm not a big craver of salt. And I think it also takes care of the desire to have a piece of bread or cracker, because it's sort of got that carb thing going for it also.

The following are my favorite cereals in no particular order other than the first one being my very favorite.

Cocoa Puffs: These satisfy every time. I love them with icy milk, but I don't drink the milk when I'm done - it's way too chocolatey. In fact, if the milk gets too chocolately or too warm, I dump it out and start over with a fresh bowl. I just ate these last night.

Frosted Mini-Wheats: Shredded wheat reminds me of my grandfather - he used to eat the big bars of shredded wheat and let them get all mushy in his plate - and this is the closest I get to that. I have to have them frosted because when they're plain, I feel like I'm eating hay. And I eat them fast, because I don't like mushy cereal.

Cheerios: The quintessential finger food for kids. Before they started making snack containers for kids, everyone knew that Cheerios were the perfect nosh. Ziploc bags or a paper cup will do just fine, thank you very much. They're not only good with milk, you know.

Rice Krispies: A cereal that goes snap, crackle and pop in your mouth? Wunderbar! And you can also mix it with marshmallows to make an amazing, crispy treat? What more could I want? I love Rice Krispies!

Wheat Chex: I'm not a fan of the rice or corn variety, and I don't like them in the Chex Party Mix, but I do love me some Wheat Chex with milk. Another crispy, delicious treat.

Fruit Loops: Eaten alone or with milk (I see a pattern here), these remind me of "special" times in my childhood. We were NEVER allowed to have "junk" cereal, but every once in a while my mother would break down and let us buy a box.

Corn Pops & Apple Jacks: Two more forbidden treats. I've put them together because they're basically flavored sugar puffs. But sometimes, there's a craving that only Apple Jacks will take care of.

Kellogg's Raisin Bran: I did not like Post Raisin Bran. I don't know why - maybe it's because the box didn't have the big fat sun scooping "Two Scoops!" of plump raisins into your bowl. Whatever it was, I've definitely fallen prey to the advertising - to this day, I'm a Kellogg's girl.

Kashi GO LEAN: This stuff I mainly use as a mix-in for my yogurt. It's got clusters of stuff, sometimes almonds, and sometimes even fruit. It's naturally sweetened and has lots of protein and fiber. I feel extra healthy when I'm eating this cereal.

Puffed Wheat: It's light. And airy. Which makes me think I can eat seven bowls of it and be just as light and airy. That doesn't work, but while I'm crunching along, I often think that if I only ate cereal, like for some crazy three-meal-a-day diet, I could drop a few pounds and start a new trend....or maybe I'd be featured in all the women's magazines...people would call wanting me to be a guest on their TV and radio shows, sharing my secret of success... Okay, maybe the puffed part is going to my head. Honeysmacks also fits in this category, because they're puffed wheat, but they're sweetened, so not the best choice really.

Honeycomb: Oh. My. God. The BIGGEST pieces of cereal you've ever seen in your life. You can actually hurt the roof of your mouth if you happen to catch a honeycomb the wrong way. I haven't had these in YEARS, but the memory is still fresh. Talk about crisp! Whoa. I might have to go out and buy some tomorrow. They do still make these, don't they?

That's about it in the cold category. The only hot cereal I eat is oatmeal - I like it with pecans and chopped apples. If I were at someone's house and served farina, Cream of Wheat or grits, I'd eat them but it wouldn't be my first choice.

We always have several boxes of cereal in the truck. Ed doesn't eat cereal at all, but he does drink milk, so I never have to worry about running out. Because running out of milk when you're jonesin' for a bowl of cereal is just bad...

I don't even want to think about it.

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Gil said...

I used to love Kellogg's Raisin Bran and Nabisco Shredded Wheat and some Chocolate Nestle's Quick mixed in the milk!!!

Anonymous said...

Long time reader here,
Way too funny of a topic, because I was out of milk for my generic raisinbran this morning, I find a big bowl of bran helps keep me full longer on the road, its better for you then a typical truckers breakfast covered with sausage gravy, and it makes a clean and predictable "exit" . Enjoy your blog..a bright spot everyday ! Gary

The Daily Rant said...

Gary - Generic raisin bran?? LOL OK, I'll let you slide since you're a long time reader. I appreciate the comment. Now go stock up on some milk! :)